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Wilderness Lake Experience

For years, this has been our most popular trip. We meet in Lonavla and take transport to the base of a hill from where our short hike begins. A steep-ish uphill trudge lasts about 30 minutes, this is followed by a 10-12 minute flat walk, and finishes with a steep 25-35 minute descent through cool dense jungle. When you get to camp you'll see; it's really well worth the walk.

We camp on the banks of a huge lake. This is a beautiful wilderness setting and you are unlikely to see any humans except your camping companions. There is no electricty, no concrete structures or familar city trappings. We set up a tented camp where you can mingle undisturbed with nature. You can canoe on the beautiful waters of the lake, swim in the marked area, take nature walks in the jungle (if you are quiet you will see wildlife), or you can just curl up with a book at the lakeside with a "do not disturb" sign on your forehead. At night, huddle around a campfire and sing songs, go for a moonlight swim (only supervised and in the marked area) or just gaze in wonder at the stars above. If you want to fish and have your own fishing equipment, bring it along for a non-vegetarian intervention.

Season: mid-October to end-February

PLANNED TRIP : Get away from the loud fireworks and smoky, choky environment that has come to characterise Diwali in Mumbai. We've planned a quiet three-day getaway where you will be secluded from the noise and harshness of Mumbai.
DATES: Saturday 21st October to Monday 23rd October
Further details on the Diwali Wilderness Experience

Trip extension: If you'd like to extend your camping vacation for an additional day or two, this may be possible at an additional pro-rata cost of Rs 1000 per head per day (ask for details).

Customised trips: If you'd like to organise a Wilderness Lake Experience trip exclusively for your group of 15 or more people, give us a call and see if your proposed dates are available.


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