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Today's competitive academic environment puts increasing demands on students to spend greater and greater amounts of time in the classroom, and very little time outdoors. Outdoor education develops life skills that cannot be gained in the classroom and contributes significantly to their personal all-round development. Research in the West has proved that outdoor experiences actually strengthen academic learning. Outdoor programmes instill in students a sense of responsibility, assists in building trust, self confidence and a strong sense of team spirit. Additionally a lasting benefit of outdoor learning is that students learn to enjoy and respect the environment and also to care for it.

Benefits of Outdoor Education

At Outbound Adventure we use outdoor recreation activities, such as canoeing, rock climbing, camping and so on to create challenging environments in which individuals learn through practical experience. Our programmes promote a sense of discovery and adventure. Outbound Adventure's student training programmes put individuals in unfamiliar settings, challenging their capacity to make-do, improvise and find solutions to particular problems. Young people are placed in situations in which they are compelled to stretch the boundaries of what they imagined they were capable of. These situations demand they work cooperatively in teams. The outdoors is a particularly useful environment for learning because youth are exposed to a variety of sensory stimuli not available in normal classroom settings. Not only will they have fun in the outdoors, they will learn to be independent and self-reliant. Many have also found that Outbound Adventure's programmes also encourage creativity, build leadership qualities and improve communication skills.

Outdoor education for school students

Outdoor education for youth and young adults


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