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Outdoor Training for Youth and Young Adults


Outbound Adventure's outdoor training for students is aimed at encouraging creativity, building leadership qualities and improving communications skills. The programmes are styled on the lines of Outdoor Management Training (OMT) we arrange for corporate management groups. These training programmes put individuals in unfamiliar settings and challenge their capacity to make-do, improvise and find solutions to particular problems. The outdoors is a particularly useful environment for problem-solving because it provides situations in which the immediate result of action taken can be viewed, analysed and reviewed. Students are placed in situations in which they are compelled to stretch the boundaries of what they imagined they were capable of. These situations demand they communicate effectively with others and work cooperatively. We attempt to gradually increase the level of difficulty of team challenge exercises, in a way that is in tune with the abilities of each group. Individual leadership qualities are constantly tapped while group tasks challenge teams to collaborate and utlise the best qualities, talents and energies of each individual. In the outdoors, teams are faced not just with physical challenges but also mental ones and each programme is tailor-made to suit the goals and objectives of the student group in question. At the same time, there is a distinct emphasis on having fun while participating in experiential learning processes.


All programmes are customised to meet the needs of a group. They are also dependent on external factors such as location and weather. Most trips are three-day programmes that involve team-building exercises and adventure activity that are educative and stimulating. We run a large variety of activities that can be planned and customised to meet an individual group's goals and capabilities. Activities are dependent on location. Level of complexity can be varied to suit each group. We have a wide range of interesting outdoor team building games and exercises. All these challenge the team's imagination and force them to tap their creative energies to solve the task at hand and more importantly communicate these effectively to their co-workers. Leadership qualities are tapped and the need for effective communication of ideas highlighted. Debriefing sessions are held after each session as an important component of these learning exercises.


Settings vary. You can have a complete wilderness setting far from any of the comforts of urban settings. A rustic setting where you camp outdoors but are close to some basic facilities. Or even more comfortable accommodation in a hill station with activity organised outdoors there or the groups transported to locations nearby where activity is oragnised.


Naturally costs will depend on each group's requirements and needs and the activities being organised. Some activities (water-based challenges for example) cost more than others. As food and accommodation requirements of groups vary costs also vary depending on what a group requires.


Safety is a priority and Outbound Adventure maintains high standards. A fully equipped first aid kit, with disposable syringes, anti-venom, cortisone and even epi-pens, is available at all times. Though our water-based activities don't really require any team member to actually enter the water beyond knee level, everyone wears a life vest (and helmet if necessary) at all times. An instructor stands by at all times with throw-line, float and other measures to assist in case of difficulty. Rock climbing and archery gear is high quality, imported and tested to international standards.


We can arrange a facilitator depending on the group's goals and objectives. Alternatively we can discuss/work with your facilitator/teacher both to tailor the programme's content to a particular group's needs and objectives, as well as to work with the teams to debrief, make valuable insights and engage participants in meaningful analysis and discovery. Professional facilitators can also be arranged and they have to be paid separately.

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