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Safety is our TOP PRIORITY. During all activities, strict safety standards are maintained. All equipment used by Outbound Adventure is of high quality and adventure participants are trained to adhere to safety rules. A fully equipped first aid kit accompanies all ventures.

With all water-based activity Outbound Adventure's requires participating individuals to wear a lifejacket whenever in the water. While

rock climbing and rappelling participants are required to wear all the safety equipment provided.

We take every precaution to make sure your venture is safe and accident free. However you do need to recognise that adventure activity, by its very nature, does involve a degree of risk. This risk is minimised by our high safety standards.

The staff of Outbound Adventure reserve the right to deny anyone access to a particular activity if they feel that safety will be compromised. Participants in all our ventures are required to sign an indemnity form, which absolves Outbound Adventure or any of its employees from liability in case of personal injury to an individual.


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