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We are not a store or retailers, what we have is a small array of outdoor essentials. Most of the gear available here is limited in stock. The backpacks and sleeping bags we have had custom-made to our specifications, mainly because of the unsatisfactory quality of gear available in Mumbai. There is some equipment also available on hire. Call for details - 631 5109.


Canvas backpacks - medium size (30 ltr) for light loads. Multiple pockets allow for easy access of essentials and external straps allow you to strap in a tent or sleeping bag. Colour - olive green. Price Rs 750. Shipping additional.

Internal frame - large (70-75 ltr) for longer trips and larger loads. This high quality nylon backpack has a superb design. It is top-loading as well as front- loading allowing you to get to any item inside without emptying the whole thing. Plus the main section is divided into two, for added convenience. Multiple pockets and endless possibilities for strapping on camping essentials, make this an extremely versatile travelling companion. Colour - Black. Price Rs 3500. Shipping additional.

Day packs - small. Nylon cordura with one front pocket. For one day or overnight trips or just for using here in the city. Colour - Blue/Green. Rs 700.

Sleeping bags

Our sleeping bags have an imported rip-stop coated nylon exterior, a flannel-lined interior and a polyester (hollofil) filling. Keeps you comfortable and warm. Colours - Vary. Price - Rs 1500. Shipping additional. Longer bags have to be ordered and cost extra.

Hiking Shoes

We have only a few pairs of high quality hiking boots available. Call to ask for your size. Price - starts at Rs 2400.

Miscellaneous gear

Mini mag head bands - convert your mini mag flashlight into a head torch with these cool headbands. Price - Rs 100 (black), Rs 150 (white/blue patterned)

Compression bags - for sleeping bags/other gear, stuff sacks, pack covers (medium and large) to protect your backpacks in the rain. Price - Rs 200 (medium) Rs 250 (large)

Gore tex jackets - waterproof great for the monsoon, high altitude, or just to keep warm on a cold day in the mountains. Price - Rs 1500

Fleece jackets - Only a few available. Light grey, super soft fleece pullovers are fantastically warm and ideal for the outdoors. Price - Rs 1200

Carabiner keychains - these little carabiners can't be used for rock climbing but they're great for keys or hooking on other precious items. Makes a great gift too. Colours - green, red, purple, blue. Price - Rs 150

Equipment on hire

We hire equipment out ONLY to individuals who are on an Outbound Adventure trip. Sorry, we do not hire out gear to anyone for any other travel. Equipment generally availble for hire - canvas backpacks, sleeping bags, and blankets. None of our other gear (tents, rock climbing, canoeing etc. etc.) is available for hire at all.

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